Finance Options

Purchasing a vehicle is a very considered decision which requires a lot of research and investigation, not only in the type of vehicle but in the best way to pay for it too. Purchasing a car outright ties up a lot of valuable resources that may perhaps be used more effectively elsewhere.

Whether you are buying a new or pre-owned vehicle from Esplanade, we provide competitive finance packages that are easy to understand. We have access to the most competitive lending offers so we can help ensure you get value for money. Getting your finance approved with us is a quick process which we attempt to make as hassle-free as possible.

Our Finance Team; Robert Abbiss, Will Sabine and Sales Manager Brendan Cole are all SAF (Specialist in Automotive Finance) approved and their vast experience in the car and finance industry means that they are expertly positioned to guide and advise you in all areas of car finance.

Brendan says "Customers often believe that the car of their dreams is out of their financial reach. In reality we can offer loans that are built to suit an individual's pocket. We have access to many special low rate financial offers with low monthly payments and the flexibility for the customer to put down reasonable initial sums."

Contact the Finance Team directly to discuss your options:

t: 01983 523232
e: [email protected]