12 November 2021

Apprentice Asa graduates to technician

Asa Hewison joined Esplanade as a year 10 work placement student from the IOW Studio School in 2016. Helping out on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings the then 15-year-old was keen to learn about engines but was unsure about his career direction. His placement helped him to discover his passion for cars and decided that this was the career path for him. Once he finished and passed his GCSE’s Esplanade was pleased to offer him an apprenticeship based on his previous record of enthusiasm, willing and dedication.

Whilst carrying out his apprenticeship at Esplanade Asa was employed 5 days a week taking home a modest salary and doing his learning and training on the job.

Today, marks 5 years since Asa begun his journey with Esplanade and they are very proud to report that he is now a fully qualified Volkswagen Technician. Esplanade Aftersales Manager, Matthew Williams said ‘Asa has worked hard to gain his certification and is now one of the youngest fully qualified Volkswagen technicians in the UK. He is a valued member of the team, and we hope he will continue to be so for many years to come.’

Esplanade has been providing automotive sales and repair services on the Isle of Wight for 75 years and are now looking for their next apprentice technician.

If you have a passion for cars and you’re looking to start your career on the right track, Esplanade has a technician apprentice opportunity available.

Looking for a hardworking, team player prepared to go that extra mile in a fast-paced environment. You’ll receive recognised national qualifications, competitive salary, great benefits, and on-going training supported by the world’s best manufacturers.

To apply email your CV and a covering letter to: careers@esplanade.co.uk

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